Sc Series Cement

SC Series Cement

The Bonding Systems of the CEMENT SC Series are applicable for durable rubber-rubber, rubber-fabric, rubber-metal and fabric-fabric bonds in the fields of wear and corrosion protection as well as in conveyor belt technology.

The SC Series provides excellent initial and final bonding strength. Optimum adhesion will be achieved when bonding REMA TIP TOP products with CN bonding layer. The adhesives have a user-friendly long open time and are easy-to-process even at low temperatures. The especially developed bonding system of the SC Series convinces with its superior dynamic load capacity. To achieve optimum results we recommend the use of appropriate REMA TIP TOP primers and cleaning fluids. The bonding systems are supplied with detailled application instructions enclosed.

BC Series Cement

BC Series Cement

The Bonding Systems of the CEMENT BC Series are applicable for large-area, rubber-metal and rubber-concrete bonds in the fields of wear and corrosion protection, e.g. tank lining, lagging of large pulleys as well as on-site applications.

The BC Series offers a long open time. The BC Series combines superior final adhesion strength with a long time span before joining (open time), which enables you to bond large surface areas without the risk of over drying. Optimum adhesion is achieved when bonding the REMA TIP TOP products with CN-Bonding layer. The low viscosity ensures a quick and economic processing of the bonding systems.

PC Series Cement

PC Series Cement

The Bonding Systems of the PLASTIC CEMENT PC Series are especially developed for the durable splicing of PVC conveyor belts as well as for the repair and bonding of foils and sheets made of soft PVC and polyurethane.

The REMA TIP TOP PC Series offers superior adhesion for bondings and splices exposed to high dynamic load. The two-component bonding system provides a user-friendly open time with high initial and final adhesion strength. It was especially developed for the bonding of PVC and polyurethane materials.

Readi Fast Primer

Solvents and Primer

Rema’s Cleaning Solvent is designed to wash down metal surfaces after sandblasting or grinding, providing a clean, contaminant-free bonding surface.

A one-part, quick drying metal primer, REMA TIP TOP’s Readi Fast Metal Primer can be used on a wide range of metal surfaces and helps assure a complete and long-lasting bond. Convenient and easy to use, Readi Fast is particularly effective when a lining job must be completed in a short period of time.

Tools and Accessories

REMA TIP TOP’s full line of rubber working tools - stitchers, brushes, knives, rollers, rasps and grinding discs - are made to last. Field proven tough, Rema rubber tools can withstand the rigors of all types of applications - from heavy duty industrial and mining situations on through light duty food and other processing applications.