Quality for over 70 years

Since 1923 the company STAHLGRUBER Otto Gruber GmbH & Co. KG has been delivering top quality for satisfied customers. Today subsidiaries and agents represent the brand REMA TIP TOP in over 170 countries around the globe. The continual expansion of national and international market activities and the expansion and optimization of the sales structure, service and product range guarantee customers the best possible performance.


In 1923 the brothers Otto and Willy Gruber found the first company under the name Otto Gruber & Co. They initially trade in screws and small metal parts, but soon begin selling compressors and hoists.


Iron is increasingly replaced by the modern material steel. Steel screws are added to the product range of the Gruber brothers. Soon the name "StahlGruber" (SteelGruber) is widely used and eventually taken over as company name.

With the increasing motorization the customer base also expands. Everywhere new car repair workshops are opening up. At this early stage the company becomes the leading specialist wholesaler for auto accessories, tools and workshop fittings.


The limited commercial partnership ("KG") Otto Gruber & Co. with headquarters in Munich is established.

While visiting vulcanizers the Grubers discover a gap in the market. Until now tire repair material was laboriously cut by hand from old tires. Up until then no offers have been on the market.


They decide to produce tube patches, from 1938 also sleeves and tire patches. The breakthrough comes shortly after the end of the war with the development of a cold vulcanizing material that for the first time allows tube repairs under constant temperature.


During an experiment Willy Gruber says: "These things really are tip top". Like this the name TIP TOP for an idea was found that has an constantly increasing product range leading to the conquereing of the global market.


The first catalog is published with 283 pages.


In the post-war period things constantly improve. Owing to increasing demand a production facility is erected in Fürstenzell (Passau).


The millionth tube patch is produced.


First foreign subsidiaries are opened (Italy, Japan) and production is running at full speed. The range of products with auto parts, accessories, tools and workshop requirements is continuously expanded. Services and international activities also increase steadily.


The plant in Poing is opened.


In Desdorf near Cologne a new production facility is established. The first foreign investment companies are established.


Product development takes its course: wear protection material is created.


The first vulcanizing equipment is produced. The new headquarters in Munich is opened.

Furthermore, the Stahlgruber Foundation is established testamentarily by Otto and Willy Gruber. It is dedicated to training apprentices in car repair and vulcanizing.


In the new German states expansion goes ahead at full speed: factories in Borna, Schwarze Pumpe, Neuruppin and Wittenberg are built.


In Munich the Stahlgruber Center is built.


Stahlgruber Otto Gruber GmbH & Co. KG has been successfully present on the market for 75 years and looks forward to the future with new ideas and innovative concepts.


The entire company moves location from Munich to Poing.


REMA TIP TOP GmbH is established.


Also in the future expansion is on its way. An increas of national and international market activities is planned as well as the enlargement of the sales network, the product range and services.