Pre-Vulcanized Extruded Soft Rubber Lining Materials

The CHEMOLINE CN product line is based on high-quality rubber types and mixtures that cover a great diversity of applications in environmental protection and in the process industries. REMA TIP TOP supplies these pre-vulcanized rubber lining systems complete with our CN bonding layer, which provides quicker applications with less preparation time of the rubber, high initial tack and unsurpassed adhesion values when lining steel or concrete substrates. An outstanding feature of the CHEMOLINE CN materials is their extremely high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance. Also FDA independent lab testing approval for food contact use with the CHEMOLINE 12/CN system. They are applied with our proven two-component SC2000, SC4000, BC 3000 or BC 3004 REMA TIP TOP bonding systems in a cold-curing process. The non-porous rubber sheets are produced by vacuum extrusion in thicknesses of 2 to 6 mm.