Tire Repair Power Tools

Air buffers and high speed grinders

REMA TIP TOP's exceptional quality, durable slow speed (less than 5,000 rpm) Air buffer, and high speed grinders (greater than 20,000 rpm) are the right choice for injury and surface preparation. These slow speed buffers are equipped with a quick release chuck and rear exhaust system. The high speed grinder is equipped with a 1/4" Jacob's Chuck.

Product Part No. Description RPM Box/Qty
CP-871 High Speed Grinder, Jacob’s chuck 22,000 1
CP-873K Low Speed Tire Buffer, QR chuck 2,800 1

Vacuum cleaner

REMA TIP TOP's air operated, wet/dry vacuum replaces standard shop vacuums at repair stations. Small, powerful and versatile, this vacuum quickly removes rubber dust particles or water from tires. (Ideally suited for use on mobile service trucks.)

Product Part No. Description Box/Qty
795 Air Vacuum, includes bag 1
798 Air Vacuum, includes bag and water hose 1
796 Replacement vacuum bag 1
797 Replacement water hose 1

Quick release air buffer hardware (slow-speed)

Designed for use with REMA TIP TOP slow-speed air buffers; quick-release couplers, arbors and adapters provide optimal versatility when changing tools.
• Tested-tough and performance-proven.

Product Part No. Description Box/Qty Case/Qty
6053 Arbor, fixed, for use with 6057 rotary brush, 1/4" 10
6060 QR chuck set, 2 QR arbors 1 10
6062 Jacobs chuck, 3/8" 1
6065 Accessory kit: (One each: 6066 QR arbor, 6067 QR arbor, 6068 QR adapter, 6069 QR adapter) 1
6066 QR arbor, 2-1/4" threaded, 3/8" x 24-T 1 10
6067 QR arbor, 2-1/4" threaded (w/sleeve), 3/8" x 24-T 1 10
6068-125 QR adapter, 1/8" shank, for use with CC-3 1 10
6068 QR adapter, 1/4" shank, for use with CC-4.5, CC-6 1 10
6069 QR adapter, 5/16" shank, for use with CC-8 1 10
5196593 QR adapter, 3/8" shank, for use with CC-10 1 10
77 Pneumatic tool lubricant, 16 fl. oz. can 1 12