Tube Repair Kits

Two-wheel repair kits

REMA TIP TOP offers a variety of bicycle repair kits for tube and tubeless tires. REMA TIP TOP's feather edge patches result in a smooth, seamless tube repair, designed to eliminate bulges on high-pressure tires.

Product Part No. Description Box/Qty
20 Two-wheel repair kit TT 05, MTB, ATB 16
21 Two-wheel repair kit TT 01, touring 36
22 Two-wheel repair kit TT 02, touring 24
23 Two-wheel repair kit TT 06, MTB 10
24 Two-wheel repair kit TT 04, sport 36

Tubeless repair kits

REMA TIP TOP's Tubeless Bicycle repair kit, seals the puncture, prevents tearing damage and reinforces the tire at the point of injury.

Product Part No. Description Box/Qty
5060160 Tubeless repair kit 5

Replacement Patches and CFC-Free Cement

Product Part No. Description Size Box/Qty
F0-F Vulcanizing cement 5 g tube 1
F1-F Vulcanizing cement 10 g tube 1
  F2-P Tube patches, oval 50 mm x 25 mm 100