REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.


GREASE BULLY Nitrile gloves

GREASE BULLY Nitrile Gloves are formulated to have superior strength for the Professional Technician. The GREASE BULLY Glove has a strong black color and is resistant to most shop chemicals.

  • New Nitrile Formula Offers Extra Comfort & Elasticity
  • Delivers Unmatched Feel & Sensitivity
  • Powder Free • Textured Fingers • 5.5-mil thick
Part No. Description Size Box/Qty
9943 GREASE BULLY Nitrile Gloves Medium (M) 100
9944 GREASE BULLY Nitrile Gloves Large (L) 100
9945 GREASE BULLY Nitrile Gloves Extra Large (XL) 100

DURAGRIP Latex Gloves

The DURAGRIP Glove is a heavy favorite among Tire Repair Techs due to its durability and comfortable Latex fit.

  • 60% thicker than traditional latex gloves
  • Fully Textured surface • Powder Free • 8 mil thick, 9" long
Part No. Description Size Box/Qty
2243 DURAGRIP Latex Gloves Medium (M) 100
2244 DURAGRIP Latex Gloves Large (L) 100
2245 DURAGRIP Latex Gloves Extra Large (XL) 100

StrongHold Gloves

The StrongHold is a low cost reusable glove with a Nitrile dipped palm and nylon knit backing. The nylon knit backing is breathable and machine washable.

  • Chemical resistant palm • Excellent gripping power
  • Breathable air flow comfort
  • Seamless comfort
  • Dexterity & Durability
Part No. Description Size Box/Qty
8544 StrongHold Gloves Large (L) 100
8545 StrongHold Gloves Extra Large (XL) 100