REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Tire Mounting Lubricant Brackets, Brushes, Swabs

Tire Mounting Lubricants make mounting/demounting tires easier, faster, and reduces stress and damage to the tire bead.

Tire mounting lubricant brackets, brushes, swabs

REMA TIP TOP Mounting paste brackets are manufactured of heavy-duty steel, and fit a variety of tire changing machines. Heavy-duty mounting paste brushes and cotton swabs apply paste, compound or liquid products without waste or mess.

Part No. Description Box/Qty Case/Qty
73 Mounting paste brush, 45° 1" brush head 1
73W Mounting paste brush, 45° 1" brush head 1
73T Mounting paste brush, 45° 2" brush head 1
75B Mounting bracket for 75 paste, hardware included 1
75NB Mounting bracket for 75N paste, hardware included 1
2990 Swab 1 12