REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Vulcanizing Compounds

REMA TIP TOP Vulcanizing Compounds are uniquely designed for cosmetic repair to tire and conveyor-belt surfaces. (Not for use where cord damage exists.) When thoroughly mixed in equal portions, these materials chemically cure (at room temperature) producing a durable, permanent repair.

A & B compound repair system (flammable)

REMA TIP TOP’s Vulc Compound has no equal when it comes to cold vulcanization injury filling. Equal quantities of A compound and B compound, thoroughly mixed, produce a durable permanent repair.

Part No. Description Box/Qty
50F A+B Vulc Compound Kit (flammable) Set
51F A+B Vulc Compound Kit (flammable) Set

T-2 compound repair system

REMA TIP TOP's T-2 Compound is abrasion resistant while maintaining it's elasticity and has been developed to help save time and money when repairing rubber only damage to the sidewall and bead areas of OTR tires.

  • Always prepare repair area with T-2 Solution
Part No. Description Size Box/Qty
5177323 T2-Compound "A" 2 kg 1
5177330 T2-Compound "B" 2 kg 1
5177300 T2-Compound "A" Rope Rubber 6 kg 1
5177310 T2-Compound "B" Rope Rubber 6 kg 1
101000069 T2-Solution "A" 1 kg 1
101000070 T2-Solution "B" 1 kg 1
5177402 T2-Cleaning Rubber 5