REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Polymer Linings and Coatings

REMA Corrosion Control, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of REMA TIP TOP, is a global market leader in the corrosion industry, specializing in high performance linings and coatings. REMA Corrosion Control offers a full line of chemical resistant Lining, Coating and Flooring systems to solve corrosion problems in a wide range of industrial market applications. These systems are designed to provide optimum corrosion protection, ease of application, reduced downtime, and cost effective solutions for long term service. Our products are formulated using various quality grade resins including vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester, epoxy, epoxy novolac, polyester, and specialty polymers.


REMA Corrosion Control has a range of engineered lining and coating systems designed for the protection of steel and concrete substrates in primary containment service. Our linings combine the use of several quality grade resin technology options with various fillers and/or reinforcement materials to provide optimum chemical, permeation, temperature, and abrasion resistance as well as other unique properties that may be required to solve problems in specific operating environments.

REMA Corrosion Control Lining & Coating system designs for primary containment service include glass flake reinforced trowel applied linings, flake filled spray or roller applied coatings/linings, fiberglass mat reinforced flake filled linings, heavy duty trowel applied fiberglass reinforced linings and fiberglass mat and resin laminate linings.

Chemical Process Vessel Lining

Concrete Seawater FGD Absorber Lining


REMA Corrosion Control product line provides protection of secondary containment structures including truck loading/unloading stations, storage and process floor areas in most industries. We offer a wide variety of products to meet your specific corrosion control needs in secondary containment applications, such as, reinforced linings, flake filled coatings, light duty coatings and flooring materials.

The corrosion control solutions we offer are not limited to just chemical protection but take into consideration the need for other relavent properties like abrasion, thermal shock and impact resistance, crack-bridging capability, conductivity and high temperature resistance in order to give our customers the best and most cost effective options.

Chemical Process Vessel Lining

Concrete Seawater FGD Absorber Lining


REMA Corrosion Control product line provides protection for tough Process Floor environments. Protection starts with concrete and crack repair, crack bridging systems and joint materials. Our polymer systems can provide protection from chemicals, temperatures from process liquids, wear and impact to meet the demands of our customer’s operating service conditions.

Our standard polymer flooring systems include a range of base resin types that are applied as stand-alone coatings, broadcast, slurry/broadcast, and trowel applied flooring depending on specific service requirements. Our range of coatings and reinforced linings are also used for the protection of process floors in specific cases.

Process Area Flooring

Process Area Flooring

Process Area Flooring


REMA TIP TOP Polyurea Systems are a superior protective monolithic-like barrier spray membrane systems specifically designed for primary and secondary containment, sealing and protecting the inside and outside of steel, concrete and wooden tanks against corrosion, chemical attack, abrasion and weathering.

Our Polyurea Systems exhibit superior performance characteristics on most construction materials. This extremely fast cure protective coating can withstand service temperatures ranging from –40 F. to +350 F. Once applied, these systems provide an extremely tough, yet resilient, coating and/or lining which provides reliable long-term protection for a wide variety of substrates.

Polyurea Floor Coating


COROPUR stands for moisture-hardening, single component coating systems that can be applied by brushing, rolling or spraying procedures. Alongside the simplicity of application and their high tolerance to moisture, COROPUR coatings feature a combination of great surface strength with high elasticity, and so ensure long term corrosion protection of steel component parts.