REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Repair Materials

REMA TIP TOP repair materials provide solutions for a wide variety of damage to conveyor belts from cover wear to perforations and ply damage. Convenient repair kits are available and designed specifically for a complete do-it-yourself repair system.

Cover Damage Solutions

  • RG 7000
  • Repair Patches
  • Repair Strips
  • T2 Repair System
  • Rubber Sheeting

Longitudinal Tears and Ply Damage

  • Reinforced Repair Patches
  • Reinforced Repair Strips
  • Repair Fabric & Cover Strip

Repair materials are available in kits or as standalone products to meet your specific needs.


RG 7000 300g kit

Belt Repair Kit DC-1

Belt Repair Kit CR-1