REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

RG 7000 - Conveyor Belting / Rubber Repair Material Kit

REMA TIP TOP’S Newest Belt Repair Material

REMA TIP TOP RG 7000 is a urethane based rubber repair product with a fast set time and 1 hour functional cure, reducing the amount of time required to make the repair.

  • REMA TIP TOP RG 7000 is a versatile, fast drying rubber repair material
  • Highly flexible with strong adhesions to prevent failures
  • Doesn’t gum up or melt during buffing at low speeds
Key Advantages
  • Durable, long lasting belt repair
  • Functional cure in 1 hour
  • Apply to vertical or horizontal surfaces
  • Moderate oil & solvent resistance
  • Fast set time makes installation on incline and vertical surfaces easy
  • Can be used with belt scrapers
  • May add uncoated breaker fabric in damage area for reinforcement, if desired
  • Can be installed over metal fasteners with PR 200
Can be applied to:
  • SBR Belt
  • Urethane Belt
  • PVC Belt
  • Sheet Metal
Typical Applications
  • Conveyor belt repairs
  • Rubber lining repairs

RG 7000 300g kit

RG 7000 750g kit