REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Rubber Lining Materials

The REMA TIP TOP CHEMOLINE and CHEMONIT corrosion protection systems have been used successfully around the world for many years. These systems cover a wide range of different applications and can be applied on-site or in the workshop to ensure heavy-duty corrosion protection. Utilizing our extensive experience, laboratory and field tests, we select the right materials for every kind of operating conditions, in order to make the respective protection systems fully effective. Our staff uses a wide range of materials to solve your corrosion problems.

On-Site Rubber Linings

For larger components like storage containers, pipes, reaction vessels, flue gas scrubbers, and also concrete components such as waste water sewers and deionizing & neutralization basins, REMA TIP TOP’s on-site rubber linings offer optimal protection and are the ideal solution.

CHEMOLINE—Pre-Vulcanized Soft Rubber Lining

The CHEMOLINE 4CN product line is based on high-quality rubber types and mixtures that cover a great diversity of applications in environmental protection and in the process industries. REMA TIP TOP supplies these pre-vulcanized rubber lining systems complete with our CN bonding layer, which provides quicker applications with less preparation time of the rubber, high initial tack and unsurpassed adhesion values when lining steel or concrete substrates. An outstanding feature of the CHEMOLINE 4CN materials is their extremely high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance.

CHEMOLINE—Self-Vulcanizing Soft Rubber Lining

CHEMOLINE 4B rubber linings can be vulcanized at ambient temperature after being applied at the construction site with steam or hot water. Self-vulcanisation at temperatures above 25° C with Cement TC 5000 bonding system.

Rubber Lined Flue Gas Scrubber

Rubber Lined Phosphoric Acid Storage Tank

Rubber Lined Sedimentation Tank

Workshop Rubber Linings

For components that fit into an autoclave and can be transported, such as pipes, flue gas scrubbers, quench towers, venturi scrubbers, filter and storage tanks, reaction and pickling tanks, centrifuges, road and rail tanks, valves as well as rollers and drums, REMA TIP TOP workshop rubber linings offer optimal protection.

CHEMOLINE— Non-vulcanized Soft Rubber Lining

Non-vulcanized CHEMOLINE soft rubber lining systems are suitable for use in environmental protection and in process industries where the greatest chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance is demanded. These soft rubber lining products are normally vulcanized in an autoclave or they can be vulcanized at ambient temperature with steam or hot water after being applied at the construction site.

CHEMONIT— Non-vulcanized Hard Rubber Lining

CHEMONIT hard rubber lining systems are based on high-quality synthetic and natural rubbers of the most advanced kind. They are suitable for applications in the process industry at temperatures of up to 212°F. After application, CHEMONIT hard rubber lining systems are vulcanized in the autoclave, although special formulations of some materials allow on-site vulcanization with hot water or steam.

Rubber Lined Water Chamber

Rubber Lined Flow Meter Pipe

Rubber Lined Quench Column