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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

REMA TIP TOP/North America Inc.

REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc., based in Woodcliff Lake, N.J. is the largest foreign subsidiary of the internationally-respected REMA TIP TOP AG, headquartered in Poing, Germany. Located in over 170 countries throughout the world, REMA TIP TOP is the world leader in Tire Repair Products, Surface Protection (Corrosion Protection and Wear Protection), and Material Processing (Conveying Solutions and Conveyor Belts). REMA TIP TOP products have been used successfully all around the world for over 90 years and continually set the benchmark for performance and quality.

Automotive Division

REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc. Automotive Division markets a comprehensive line of more than 1,200 high quality tire repair products, tools and equipment, including the classic range of REMA TIP TOP tire repair materials and a complete line of OTR products including Radial and Bias Heat Cure, Uncured & Clothback tire repair units, cements, cushion gums, repair cords, and extruder rope. REMA TIP TOP tire repair products continually set the benchmark for quality and performance globally and constantly maintain the company’s position at the forefront of the industry.

REMA TIP TOP’s success story started long ago with the introduction tube repair patches marketed under the name TIP TOP. Today REMA TIP TOP’s extensive portfolio epitomizes the highest quality and reliability. Over the years, REMA TIP TOP has educated more customers about proper tire repair and industrial application of Rubber materials than any of our competitors.

Industrial Division

REMA TIP TOP’s main focus is to provide the best solution for each customer’s problem. A close collaboration, to outperform those expectations, with the people and organizations involved is an indispensable demand for REMA TIP TOP. Utilizing our extensive experience, laboratory and field tests, we select the right materials for every kind of operating conditions, in order to make the respective protection systems fully effective. Our staff uses a wide range of materials to solve your Material Processing and Surface Protection problems.

Safeguarding the availability of your valuable plant and equipment is our main objective. The exceptional reliability of REMA TIP TOP products will provide your installation with the most efficient and long-lasting protection, helping production plants preserve expensive equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the service life of your equipment many times over.

The success of our product and service capabilities is based on three main factors:

  • The know-how and expertise of highly trained specialists and application engineers
  • The complete range of services—from installation, including onsite project supervision and professional hands on application training, to our after sales service and continuous maintenance programs
  • The wide range of quality products offered by REMA TIP TOP

A partnership with REMA TIP TOP means: Increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, reduced production costs, higher system availability, and increased profitability.