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Bead Bazooka

Gaither's second generation BEAD BAZOOKA® is the most advanced bead seater ever made. It is capable of handling a huge range of tires, from motorcycles to light agricultural vehicles.

Gaither's Bead Bazooka v2

Gaither's Bead Bazooka

Gaither's Bead Bazooka® GEN2 utilizes an upgraded version of the rapid air release (RAR) valve technology found in the original Bead Bazooka®, allowing all of the new models to be smaller, lighter, and deliver more power with the same ultra-convenient trigger release.

  • New 3-way control cluster
  • New serviceable/replaceable 2" RAR valve upgraded from 1.5"
  • Ultra-compact, lightweight design saves your back and your time
  • New patented recoil reducing barrel
  • Trigger release
  • Anti-corrosion interior tank coating extends service life
  • Each model is intended for different tire sizes.
  • BB3L2 – for ATV, motorcycle, car, and light commercial vehicles
  • BB6L2 – for motorcycle, car, light truck, and heavy commercial vehicles
  • BB10L2 – for car, light truck, heavy commercial, and light agricultural vehicles
Part No. Description Box/Qty
BB3L2 BB3L2 Gaither's Bead Bazooka® V2, 3L 1
BB6L2 BB6L2 Gaither’s Bead Bazooka® V2, 6L 1
BB10L2 BB10L2 Gaither’s Bead Bazooka® V2, 10L 1