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Extruder Guns

REMA TIP TOP Extruder Guns (Made in EU)

REMA TIP TOP Extruder Gun

All Extruders feature a high quality drive, and adjustable heat controls. Models available for Light Truck, Truck and Earthmover applications. (Never exceed Rubber Output or Operating Pressure standards.)

Part No Description Connection (volt/watt) Rubber throughput (lbs./h) Operating pressure (psi) Box/Qty
6792-110V RTT Extruder NAIL HOLE, 110V 110/400 13.2 90 1
6792-220V RTT Extruder NAIL HOLE, 220V 220/400 13.2 90 1
6790LP-110V RTT Extruder MINI, 110V 110/550 39.6 90 1
6790LP-220V RTT Extruder MINI, 220V 220/550 39.6 90 1
6794-110V RTT Extruder GIANT, 110V 110/550 61.6 90 1
6794-220V RTT Extruder GIANT, 220V 220/550 61.6 90 1