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RC 414 Regroover 115V

RC-414 RC 414 Regroover 115V
RC 414 Rubber Cut Regroover 115V

Rubber Cut 414 Regroover Ergonomic handle design makes working with this tool easier and reduces hand-fatigue. An 8-position heat control modulates cutting intensity resulting in fast and accurate regrooving of Truck or Tractor tires. (Not intended for Passenger vehicle tires).

  • Ergonomic design for fatigue-proof regrooving
  • 4-step temperature switch on main transformer with MIN/MAX-selector allows 8 heating levels for different cutting speeds
  • Automatic overheating cutout according to DIN 30600
  • Insulated cutting head
  • Greater freedom of movement and easy guiding due to separation of handle and transformer
  • Cutting width with FIX regrooving blades 0.118“ to 1.102“ (3 - 28 mm)
  • Prepared for wall mounting
  • GS-tested, meets recognized safety standards
Voltage (V): 115
Box/Qty: 1
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