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Specialty Tube Repair Valves and Hardware

Specialty tube repair valves and hardware

Specialty tube repair valves and hardware

REMA TIP TOP provides a wide range of screw-on, spud and tube repair valves products for a variety of wheel applications.

Part No. Description Length (inch) Base Dia (inch) Bending angle (°) Box/Qty
1175A Screw-on repair valve, brass 4-1/2 10
1078A Screw-on repair valve, brass 5 10
BAB Motorcycle/garden tractor/utility tire tube valve repair unit 2-1/8 90 10
9 Tube valve repair unit, 5/8 rim hole 10
9-14 Tube valve repair unit, .453 rim hole 10
9A Screw-on spud tube valve repair unit 3-1/4 10
475 Replacement rubber sealing washer for Michelin-style screw-on brass valves only 10
476 Plastic rim hole bushing, reduces hole from 5/8" to .453" 50
9T-LB (TR218A) Agricultural/OTR tube valve repair unit, fast flow valve 10
218 (CH-1) Core housing for standard valve 9T 10
218-LB (CH-3) Core housing for fast flow valve 9T-LB 10
LN-10 Metal Rim Nut, tractor tube valve 50
LN-10P Plastic Rim Nut, tractor tube valve 50