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Specialty Valves

Specialty large bore/OTR tire valves and hardware

Specialty large bore/OTR tire valves and hardware

REMA TIP TOP quality OTR products meet the demanding pressure and heat demands of the severe operational environments of today's OTR equipment. The hardware, components and tools are selected to provide reliable service and functional ease to service the popular OTR and Agricultural configurations.

Part No. Description Box/Qty
J-4000-2.50 Swivel valve stem, 90° x 2-1/2" 1
J-4000-4.50 Swivel valve stem, 90° x 4-1/2" 1
J-650 Swivel valve stem, 80° x 3-1/8" 1
J-651 Swivel valve stem, 90° x 4-11/16" 1
CH-16 & SP-8 Air-water core housing & assembly 1
AD1 Adapter, large bore to standard bore 1
J-1014 Repair valve, screw-on, straight 2.31" 1
J-1076C Repair valve, screw-on, 90° 2.825" 1
J-1175C Repair valve, screw-on, 88° 4-1/8" 1
TR-C-2 Valve core, large bore (short) 1
TR-VC-6 Valve cap, large bore, screwdriver type 50
TR-VC-7 Valve cap, large bore, hex type 50
SP2 Tubeless spud, 13/16" rim hole 1
EX-1522 Valve repair tool, large bore 4-in-1 10
TR-621A Agr./OTR clamp-in valve, 60° bend 1
EX-685 Valve core removal and inserting tool 10
218-LB (CH-3) Core housing for fast flow valve 9T-LB 10