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Thermopress EM II

6575 Thermopress EM II
Thermopress EM II, electrohydraulic

Hot Vulcanizing machine for repairing injuries in the tread, shoulder, and sidewall of radial and bias-ply tires on truck, agricultural and OTR/EM tires, with the use of REMA TIP TOP repair units.
Professional repair of OTR/EM tires on site or in the tire workshop. Suitable for most radial and bias-ply, agricultural or OTR/EM tires up to size 36.00-51. The Thermopress EM II can be moved anywhere in the shop or to the job site. Precision electronics for setting and monitoring pressure, temperature, and cure time. The reliable loading mechanisms help assure safe operation. Hydraulic pressure system up to 160 bar/2,275 psi.
Technical Data:
Electrical Requirements: 1 Phase, 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz power supply
Temperature Control: Digital-Electronic Thermostat with Temperature Display
Curing Time Control: Digital-Electronic Timer
Pressure System: Electro-Hydraulic


  • 1 movable undercarriage
  • 1 energy block/control unit
  • 1 complete frame
  • 3 Pressure plates
  • different slip-on contour segments
  • 5176025 1 Thermopress heat plate No. 2
  • 5176032 1 Thermopress heat plate No. 3

Repairable tire sizes:
26.5-25, 29.5-29, 33.5-33, 33.25-35, 37.5-39, 45/65-45, 40/65-39, 24.00-49, 27.00-49, 30.00-51
REMA TIP TOP reserves the right to incorporate technical improvements on all EMTP machines.

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