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Thermopress EM III

6595 Thermopress EM III
Thermopress EM III, electrohydraulic

Hot Vulcanizing machine for repairing injuries in the tread, shoulder, and sidewall of radial and bias-ply tires on truck, agricultural and OTR/EM tires, with the use of REMA TIP TOP repair units.
For the repair of EM tyres from 30.00-51 to 67.5/60-51 and 54.00 R69 using REMA TIP TOP OTR repair units. Mobile construction with universal tilt-and-swivel frame. Digital instrumentation and electronic control ensure the right pressure, temperature and cure time. Can also be connected to 230 V.
Technical Data:
Electrical Requirements: 3 Phase, 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz power supply
Temperature Control: Digital-Electronic Thermostat with Temperature Display
Curing Time Control: Digital-Electronic Timer
Pressure System: Electro-Hydraulic


  • 1 movable undercarriage
  • 1 energy block/control unit
  • 1 complete undercarriage
  • 2 Pressure plates
  • different slip-on contour segments
  • 5176032 1 Thermopress heat plate No. 3
  • 5176252 1 Thermopress heat plate No. 4

Repairable tire sizes:
67.5/60-51, 50/80-57, 53.5/85-57, 54.5/80-57, 55/80R57, 58/85-57, 65/65-57, 55/80R63, 59/80R63
REMA TIP TOP reserves the right to incorporate technical improvements on all EMTP machines.

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