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Universal mounting paste

74 Universal mounting paste
Universal mounting paste

REMA TIP TOP's simple to use mounting paste is easily applied and will not corrode or discolor aluminum or alloy wheels. This fast drying formula will not freeze or harden and reduces wear and tear on tire changing equipment. Universal Mounting Paste makes mounting/demounting tires easier, faster, and reduces stress and damage to the tire bead.

  • Performs well on low-profile, or tires with stiff beads
  • Excellent Lubrication
  • Superior “Tack”
  • Reduces tire/rim slippage
  • Will not discolor/harm alloy & polished wheels
  • Great for low profile and run flat tires
  • TPMS compatible
Size: 22 lb.
Box/Qty: 1
Pallet/Qty: 22
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