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UNIVERSAL Repair Units

REMA TIP TOP Universal tire repair units (UP)

REMA TIP TOP Universal Tire Repair Units (UP)

REMA TIP TOP's rubber-reinforced, Universal repair units are specially formulated to provide maximum flexibility and strength. These non-directional, center over injury repair units perform flawlessly in both radial or bias-ply tire designs. For best results, always select the corresponding REMA TIP TOP Stem insert unit, carbide cutter, and Special Blue Cement (flammable) product for a permanent, reliable repair.

Part No. Description Injury Size (inch) Repair unit Size (inch) Box/Qty Case/Qty
UP-3 Universal repair unit UP 3 icon icon Small Nailhole 1-1/16 100 140
UP-4.5P Universal repair unit UP 4.5, pail icon icon 3/16 1-7/16 300
UP-6 Universal repair unit UP 6 icon icon 1/4 1-11/16 50 70
UP-6P Universal repair unit UP 6, pail icon icon 1/4 1-11/16 200
UP-8 Universal repair unit UP 8 icon 5/16 2-3/16 50 70
UP-8P Universal repair unit UP 8, pail icon 5/16 2-3/16 150

FRU Series of Repair Units

FRU Series of Repair Units

The FRU Series of Repair Units is a fabric reinforced series to satisfy those technicians who require additional ply support within the patch body of the repair unit. This series of Universal Repair Units are round, non-directional units suitable for placement in the tread area of tires and can be safely used in both Bias and Radial constructed tires. The FRU Repair Units utilize the same BL cement as all our blue-bonding system repair units. (The FRU Series of Repair Units should be used in conjunction with REMA TIP TOP RS Stem Units, or cavities filled with extruder rope & vulcanized)

Part No. Description Repair unit Size (inch) Plies Pail/Qty
FRU1-MP FRU Repair Unit 2-1/4 1 Ply Patches 25
FRU1-P FRU Repair Unit 2-1/4 1 Ply Patches 100
FRU2-MP FRU Repair Unit 3 2 Ply Patches 25
FRU2-P FRU Repair Unit 3 2 Ply Patches 100

Section repair ID patches

REMA TIP TOP Section Repair ID Patches

The accepted and approved method for identifying section repairs in radial and bias truck tires.

Part No. Description Box/Qty
90 Blue Triangle Section ID patches 50
90B Blue Triangle Section ID patches 1000