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Belt Scrapers and Belt Cleaning Brushes

REMA TIP TOP offers a variety of belt cleaning devices to solve the diverse cleaning requirements of the conveying industry. Each product, environment and system is unique and requires a belt cleaning solution specific to the application.

REMACLEAN T-Bar - belt cleaning systems are developed to give outstanding conveyor belt cleaning performance at an economical price.

REMACLEAN Belt Brush - motorized rotary belt cleaning systems are designed for cleaning fine, powdery materials and dry, or slightly moist, bulk materials from cleated conveyor belts where it’s impossible for standard flat-surface cleaners to perform.

REMACLEAN Combi Scraper Rubber - dual rubber compounds provide a distinct advantage using a harder outer rubber for scraping/cleaning and a softer inner rubber for outstanding wiping/cleaning action. Combi Scraper Rubber routinely out performs urethane and other rubber compound scrapers in service life and cleaning ability.

REMACLEAN Scraper Rubber has three layers with different hardness, a perfect combination for belt cleaning when used in “V” or diagonal belt plows and with belt scrapers.

REMACLEAN GRB Belt Cleaning Brush

REMACLEAN GRB Belt Cleaning Brush

REMACLEAN KWA T-Bar Belt Scraper