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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Material Processing

REMA TIP TOP is a worldwide leader in helping production plants preserve expensive mining equipment, reduce maintenance costs, and achieve greater life expectancy in all process areas. The extensive product range and services from REMA TIP TOP is designed for a wide variety of applications of minerals processed and conveyed in surface and underground mining, and bulk handling markets ranging from energy to aggregates.

Conveying Solutions - Service Around Your Entire Conveyor System

REMA TIP TOP products increase the life expectancy and efficiency of conveyor belt systems. For decades, REMA TIP TOP has earned the reputation as the premier supplier of vulcanizing systems for endless conveyor belt splicing and repairs, pulley lagging, skirting rubber, and conveyor belt cleaning systems. These products provide mining and industrial operations with confidence to meet the highest demands for safety and performance each and every day.

Service Around Your Entire Conveyor System
REMAGRIP CK-X ceramic lagging for pulleys subject to high stress
REMAGRIP 60 Pulley lagging for low to medium-tension fabric belts
REMA TIP TOP Hot Splicing materials
REMASKIRT 50 Skirtboard and Scraper Rubber
REMA TIP TOP Belt Repair Kit CR-1

Conveyor Belts - Premium Conveyor Belts and Service

The REMA TIP TOP heavy-duty conveyor belt program for mining and industrial markets, together with field splicing and installation service capabilities available from our nationwide shops, provides operators access to T-REX® conveyor belts and expert service coverage 24/7.

REMA TIP TOP Conveyor Belt project 1
REMA TIP TOP Conveyor Belt project 2
REMA TIP TOP Conveyor Belt project 3