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Pulley Lagging and Idler Sleeves

REMAGRIP, REMALINE and REMASLEEVE – a proven line of pulley lagging and conveyor idler sleeves from REMA TIP TOP with installations around the world, and on some of the most demanding conveyor systems. High service life, resistance to wear and corrosion, and friction between lagging and belting when you need it; all ensuring maintenance savings, less down-time, and more production. REMAGRIP, REMALINE and REMASLEEVE all have a CN bonding layer and when matched with SC2000 or SC4000 cements, the results are high initial tack and unsurpassed adhesion values whether installing on-site or in the workshop.

REMAGRIP 60 Pulley lagging for low to medium-tension fabric belts


REMAGRIP CK-X ceramic lagging for pulleys subject to high stress