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Plastic Cement PC-4 - The Adhesive for PVC and Polyurethane

REMA TIP TOP’s Plastic Cement PC-4 is specially developed for repairing and cold splicing PVC conveyor belts, for bonding PVC to PVC belting, for bonding polyurethane or PVC sheeting to metal, and for bonding polyurethane to PVC sheeting.

Plastic Cement PC-4 offers superior adhesion for bondings and splices exposed to high dynamic load. The two-component bonding system provides a user-friendly open time with high initial and final adhesion strength.

Product characteristics
  • Free of CFC and aromatics
  • Good initial and final adhesion strength
  • Color: transparent
  • Long shelf life (2 years if stored according to DIN 7716)

To achieve optimum results we recommend the use of appropriate REMA TIP TOP primers and cleaning fluids.

Plastic Cement PC-4
Description U.S. Part Number Product Number Size
PC-4 101 000 094 PC4-PINT 320 g
PC-4 101 000 099 PC4-QT 640 g
PC-4 101 000 095 PC4-GAL 3.2 kg.
E-40 Hardener (Flammable)
Description U.S. Part Number Product Number Size
E-40 Hardener E40/15G 525 1139 15 g
E-40 Hardener E40/30G 525 1146 30 g
REMA TIP TOP Plastic Cement PC-4

Plastic Cement PC-4