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SC 2000 Black Cement - Highly Versatile Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive

Widely recognized as the world’s finest cold vulcanizing cement, REMA TIP TOP’s highly versatile and non-flammable SC 2000 Cement is ideal for conveyor belt splicing. patching and all types of rubber fabrication, above and underground.

SC 2000 Cement is a two component, room temperature curing chloroprene based liquid rubber adhesive that, when catalyzed with the appropriate amount of REMA TIP TOP UT-R 20 Hardener, yields high strength adhesions without the aid of heat, pressure or special equipment. SC 2000 Cement is ideal for use in lining installations, when bonding rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to steel, rubber to concrete, fiberglass, and urethane, as well as the splicing and repair of fabric conveyor belting. SC 2000 Cement is also ideal for conveyor belt splicing, patching and all types of rubber fabrication and is also recommended for repair to existing rubber lined vessels and rubber components.

SC 2000 Cement is especially effective when used with REMA TIP TOP’s CN Bonding Layer (a semi-cured layer of neoprene used in a wide range of REMA TIP TOP cold bond linings, lagging, and conveyor belt repair materials), completing the curing process and creating an inseparable, durable bond.

When the job calls for bonding rubber to metal, rubber to rubber or rubber to fabric, REMA TIP TOP’s SC 2000 Cement is the right choice, providing the highest bond strength available today.

Product characteristics
  • Nonflammable
  • Excellent contact adhesion
  • Final strength after 24 hours
  • Long shelf life (4 years if stored according to DIN 7716 - unmixed, 2 hours shelf life - mixed)
  • Processed with UT-R 20 Hardener
  • Underground approval
  • Applicable also at low temperatures

To achieve optimum results we recommend the use of appropriate REMA TIP TOP primers and cleaning fluids.

SC 2000 Black Cement
Description U.S. Part Number Product Number Size
SC 2000 Black 101 000 041 SC2000B 1/2 kg.
SC 2000 Black 101 000 042 SC2000B 1KG 1 kg.
SC 2000 Black 101 000 043 SC2000BG 5 kg.
SC 2000 Black 101 000 053 SC2000B-DRUM 290 kg.
UT-R 20 Hardener (Non-Flammable)
Description U.S. Part Number Product Number Size
UT-R 20 Hardener UTR20/20G 525 1030 20 g
UT-R 20 Hardener UTR20/40G 525 1046 40 g
REMA TIP TOP SC 2000 Black Cement

SC 2000 Black Cement