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REMA GOO - High Performance Conveyor Belt Repair product

REMA GOO - Exclusively from REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

REMA GOO is designed to be a high performance conveyor belt repair product that allows you to fix your belt in less than an hour. (Note: repair times are dependent on cure temperatures.)

  • Long Lasting Performance
  • Fast On-Site Repairs
  • Easy to Apply
  • Lower Unit Cost
Long Lasting Performance
  • REMA GOO Flexible Conveyor Belt Repair Material is formulated to last long.
  • REMA GOO is a 100% solids polyurethane formulation which meets VOC regulations. It does not post harden and will remain flexible. It also resists shrinking after application and exhibits good UV resistance.
  • REMA GOO’s flexible formulation reduces the chance of bond failure at edges of repair caused by rounding over conveyor pulleys.
  • REMA GOO cures to a softer 60 (±5) Shore A Durometer which allows the repair to wear at a rate similar to that of the conveyor belt covers.
  • REMA GOO exhibits excellent adhesions to conveyor belt.
Fast On-Site Repairs
  • The most common types of conveyor belt damage which are cuts, gouges and small holes can be completely repaired with minimal system downtime.
  • No hand mixing of material is required. The REMA GOO is applied by using the REMA GUN Manual Dispenser.
Easy to Apply
  • REMA GOO comes in a twin tube cartridge and is dispensed with a heavy duty REMA GUN. Once the damaged area has been prepared and cleaned, just remove the cap, slip the REMA GOO cartridge into the gun, put on the mixing tip and simply fill the repair.
Lower Cost
  • REMA GOO is more material for the money compared to many of the leading repair materials in its class.
  • Not only is there “More GOO for the Buck”, but there is very little waste. You can use only what you need for your repair and save the rest for your next repair.
  • REMA GOO can also be used over mechanical fasteners with the proper preparation
REMA GOO conveyor belt repair kit