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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Surface Protection

Located in over 170 countries throughout the world, REMA TIP TOP is the leader in Surface Protection Systems. REMA TIP TOP’s Corrosion and Wear Protection will protect your company’s systems even under the most extreme conditions and considerably extend the service life of valuable industrial equipment.

Corrosion Protection - Maximum Protection Systems, Even Under Extreme Conditions

The REMA TIP TOP corrosion protection systems have been used successfully around the world for many years. These systems cover a wide range of different applications and can be applied on-site or in the workshop to ensure heavy-duty corrosion protection. Utilizing our extensive experience, laboratory and field tests, we select the right materials for every kind of operating conditions, in order to make the respective protection systems fully effective. Our staff uses a wide range of materials to solve your corrosion problems.

Rubber Lined Phosphoric Acid Storage Tank
Rubber Lined Flow Meter Pipe
Rubber Lined Quench Column

Wear Protection - Optimal Solutions For Your Wear Problems

The production and processing of raw and aggregated materials, intermediate products, excavated waste etc., causes damaging wear to unprotected parts of the plant. REMA TIP TOP wear protection materials, combined with the company’s know-how, ensure that these valuable but highly-stressed systems continue to function well and increase their life expectancy many times over.
REMA TIP TOP’s sales and service teams will provide the best solution for your company’s application. Our lining materials protect against wear caused by impact and sliding abrasion, will greatly reduce noise levels, help to reduce dust and can prevent caking and bridging of material in your transfer points; all of which improve health, comfort and most importantly, safety. Our team can advise, install, and support our products with the technical expertise that only comes from many years of experience.

REMA TIP TOP technicians lining Hopper with REMALINE 70
REMA TIP TOP technician installing REMALINE 35