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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.


Hobbyists and sport enthusiasts of bicycles, motorcycles, and ATV’s (All-Terrain Vehicle) know that the tire can make a huge difference in performance and handling. Tires are engineered for specific road conditions, loads and weather to ensure the most grip, least rolling resistance and highest probability of taking home a trophy.

Our Unique Value

High quality and maximum durability are not just words but the guarantee of REMA TIP TOP Repair Products. REMA TIP TOP products are engineered to provide the best solution to your repair needs.


  • Tube Repair Products
  • Chemicals Products
  • Cements
  • Temporary Repair Materials
  • Tire Valves & Hardware
  • Specialty
  • Valve Accessories
  • Shop Supplies
  • Tire Repair Hand Tools
  • Hand Cleaners
  • Technical Training & Educational Materials