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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Coal Mining & Coal Preparation

Coal is a combustible sedimentary rock that forms when dead plant matter is converted into peat, which then converts into lignite, then sub-bituminous coal, bituminous coal and finally anthracite. The process involves biological and geological processes that take place over millions of years, classifying coal as a fossil fuel. Mining is conducted at surface or underground in 25 states, with the majority of coal produced west of the Mississippi. The US is the third largest coal producer in the world, behind China and India.

Once coal is removed from the mine it is sent to a Coal Preparation Plant where the coal is washed of soil and rock, crushed and stockpiled for transport to market. Coal Preparation Plants use conveyor belts and other handling equipment to move the coal material between processes and load rail cars.

Our Unique Value

REMA TIP TOP is a premium manufacturer that partners with key suppliers that share our commitment to excellence to ensure the best quality product offering. REMA TIP TOP is your one source for all your mining needs from product sells, to installation and service.


REMA TIP TOP provides expert assistance in reviewing, recommending and installing corrosion coatings, rubber wear material, custom molded parts, belting, belt cleaners and conveying components. REMA TIP TOP offers Rubber Lining and Pulley lagging in the field or shop to meet your application needs. Our field service crews are skilled Belt Installers using mechanical or vulcanized splices.


Conveyor Belting
  • MSHA
Pulley Lagging
  • CKX Ceramic Lagging
  • REMAGRIP (profiled)
  • REMALINE (smooth)
Belt Cleaners
  • REMACLEAN Rubber (v-plows)
  • T-Bars (mostly outside belts)
  • REMA Sleeves (also adds wear resistance)
Chute Lining
  • REMALOX (high abrasion areas)
  • REMALINE 60 & 70
  • Impact Bars and Profile Plates
Corrosion Protection
  • Coatings (RCC)
Premium skirt board rubber & Slider bed bars
  • REMASLIDE 1” & 2” (UHMW) Premium Impact Bars
Vulcanizing Presses & Tools
  • Spot Press (for small holes)
  • Sectional Presses (covers all needs)
  • # 32 Belt Saw
Belt Repair Materials (cold)
  • Kits (DC1 / RG1 / CR1)
  • T-2 Extruded Repair Option
  • REMAGOO / Repair Patches