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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Food Processing

Food processing is a $32 billion industry that involves the preparation of fresh products for market and manufacture of processed food products. Food processing includes processing and packaging produce, meats, fish, animal feed, fruit juice, dairy products, grain milling, animal slaughtering, canning operations and food manufacturing. The US population is reliant on the Food Processing industry to prepare and package the foods we purchase from the grocery store.

Our Unique Value

REMA TIP TOP is a premium manufacturer of lagging and adhesives that meet all FDA guidelines. REMA TIP TOP engineered the lagging and adhesives to work together for the best adhesion rates possible.


REMA TIP TOP provides expert assistance in reviewing, recommending and installing pulley lagging that meets the FDA requirements for contact with food.


  • REMALINE White Lagging
  • REMAGRIP White Lagging
  • C320 Cement
  • SC4000W Cement