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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Shooting Ranges

Manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and supplies directly generate 150,000 jobs in the US, paying $6 billion in wages and generating a $21 billion economic impact. The industry as a whole is responsible for $51.41 billion in total economic activity across the country when suppliers and distributors are considered.

Our Unique Value

REMA TIP TOP manufacturers a variety of rubber sheet material with different colors, thicknesses and durometers to meet shooting range application needs. Ballistic sheets are engineered with natural rubber to provide high tear resistance and self-healing properties. Available with non-reflective finishes to prevent image distortion. REMA TIP TOP ballistic panels prevent injury to people and property from bullet fragments, shrapnel and lead dust for a safer range. REMA TIP TOP is your one source for ballistic panels from material, to fabrication and installation.

Safety is a top consideration in the design of any shooting range or live shoot house. REMA TIP TOP rubber ballistic panels are designed to stop bullet fragments from ricocheting and causing injury, while not interfering with the bullet trajectory. REMALINE 40 has self-healing properties, allowing the bullet to pass through the rubber ballistic panel without interference and closing to prevent any material from coming back through the bullet pathway.


REMA TIP TOP provides cut to size and fabrication services to meet the variety of sizes and configurations needed in shooting ranges.