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REMA TIP TOP/North America, Inc.

Veterinary Schools & Clinics

Large animal veterinarians provide health services to cattle, horses, swine, goats and sheep in addition to other large animals. Veterinary schools and clinics for large animals are specialized in caring for the health and safety of these animals.

Our Unique Value

REMA TIP TOP is a premium manufacturer that partners with key suppliers that share our commitment to excellence to ensure the best quality product offering. REMA TIP TOP is your one source for all your wall protection needs from product sells, to installation and service.


It is critical that during surgery and routine health check-up the animals are protected from harming themselves. Our field service crews are skilled of rubber panels that protect the animals from injury on surgery room walls, floors and other hard surfaces.


  • REMALINE 40 & T-REX 40 (Walls & Doors)
  • REMAGRIP 60 / 70 (Floors)